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Friday, November 28

Saturday, November 29

*Panel Discussion (Saturday, November 29)

2 sessions will be held in parallel as below.

Session 1: Developing a Minimum Safety Education Program in Asian Countries

  Research activities have become more advanced, diversified, and globalized in recent years. Accordingly, the exchanges of students and researchers have also been promoted and expanded particularly in Asian countries. In order to ensure the safety in research activities against such a background, a common safety education system among these countries must be established and standardized.
  In this session, some actual scenarios of the trial safety education programs are introduced, and the feasibility of establishing a minimum standard of the safety education system to be shared by Asian countries will be discussed.

Session 2: Compatibility of Safety and Energy Saving in Experimental Laboratories

  In order to achieve the compatibility of safety and energy saving measures in experimental laboratories, both the mechanical improvement of laboratory instruments by suppliers and the steady implementation by laboratory users are required for moving forward in a coordinated manner.
  In this session, the attempts for the compatibility practiced by the suppliers are revealed, and an effective and efficient approach for maintaining the balance of safety and energy savings will be discussed.