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Asian Conference on Safety and Education in Laboratory provides a forum for scientists, engineers, researchers, and professionals to discuss the management and education of environmental health and safety. "Security by yourselves and consideration of environment" are the duty of all members in universities and research institutes. We understand the many challenges to improve in an environmental safe level and compliance in parallel with guaranteeing the activity of research. Furthermore, it is our duty to educate employees and students and produce talented people to the society, who have the knowledge and the morality on environmental health and safety. The 2014 conference will be held in Tokyo and will feature keynote lectures on attitude and policy about laboratory safety, safety education program, and the strategies for laboratory safety promotion from Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, and Japan. The technical sessions will cover a wide range of areas, including international cooperation aiming at increasing the level of laboratory safety and responding the globalization of laboratories in each country.

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This Conference is designed for scientists, engineers, researchers, and professionals who are interested in guaranty of environmental health and safety in higher education and in development of human resources with the sophistication of environmental health and safety. The Symposium format includes oral and poster presentations as well as networking opportunities.

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Prof. Yoshito OSHIMA
The University of Tokyo

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